2D and 3D Conversion

At Source One we can provide a wide range of services and product development through our CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. Utilizing Pro-E, the leading software in CAD design, we can provide customers with remarkable 3D images and can convert 2D images into 3D to add aesthetic appeal for better visual representation. Whether your need is 2D design services, 3D modeling, paper to 2D/3D modeling or 2D to 3D conversion we can deliver high quality, cost effective, and customized solutions.


A simple or 2D image doesn’t attract much attention and many aesthetic features are unnoticeable. With a third dimension, aesthetic features, contours and other elements are distinguishable. The third dimension is likely to impress customers and products look more real. Using our Pro-E software we can add life to your 2D or paper designs.

2D to 3D CAD Conversion Services:

Using our high extensive Pro-E software Source One’s design team can add depth with realistic roundness on an otherwise flat and unimpressive 2D image. These images can be used for viewing in various formats and canned be used effectively for slides and presentations.

Source One provides modeling services for customers wanting to add life like attributes to their 2D or paper designs. We can assist in re-creating high quality, detailed, true three-dimensional models of your mechanical part from your 2D drawings or designs. We also convert paper or velum drawings to whatever your specifications and needs are; whether it be simple 2D design or elaborate 3D design. We can also convert imperial to metric and vise versa to bring your drawing up to date with you specified CAD application and CAD standards.

Source One is capable of converting your existing paper copies into electronic CAD files in many different formats. The paper renderings are 100% manually drafted into CAD, using Pro-E software, to match the originals exactly. Afterwards file conversions can be made to you compatibilities. All files are drafted to the customers preferred scale.

Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to execute 3D projects using Pro-E software. With Pro-E CAD software we can utilize the latest standards and techniques to develop your CAD projects. Having your original documents converted to CAD enables you to store your files in a more organized and efficient manner, giving you flexibility and increasing productivity.

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