About Us


Source One started business in 1998 with one goal in mind: becoming a prime source for product development & manufacturing needs.

The vision of its founder, Mr. Nagy, has now become reality and overtime Source One has positioned itself as a highly valued source for Mold Design & Fabrication. Today, and continuing with Mr. Nagy’s vision, Source One has included experienced resources to capitalize on the company’s success and achievements and is expanding rapidly into the Space and Aerospace Industries.

With the strong and extensive combined experience that the company has today, Source One’s continues to build on its reputation providing solid support and services in the fields of Mold Manufacturing, as well as complex Space & Aerospace components and assemblies. This combined experience has defined our approach to the industries we support: Quality, On Time Delivery, and helped us coin our motto: All Quality, On Time, All the time.

We are able and ready to provide effective solutions to your product requirements while maintaining the highest standard of quality.

“All Quality, On Time, All the Time”