Mold Design

Whether it is to design and engineer a simple single part mold or a complex high volume multi-cavity production mold the capital expenditure and time sequence to produce metal die cast or plastic molds requires that the latest technology be used to support the design and engineering elements of this process. The constant usage of the “core database” throughout the product development insures that part design parameters, material processing requirements and production efficiencies are implemented in the final mold design.

A large part of product development is tied up in the time it takes to make the mold that will produce the part. Utilizing the original data that created the part to machine the cavity and cores of the mold reduces the time and cost of this process significantly and insures that the part requirements are met at the time of molding.
Requiring a mold design as an element of the product development process allows the customer to obtain timely competitive bids on the construction of the mold due to consistent information supplied.

Source One offers high quality quick response Cavity and Core Mold Design. Utilizing your 3D part data, and depending on your requirements, we can offer 24, 48, or 72 hour turn around. With our Pro-Engineer software, Source One’s design team can quickly create 2D drawings, 3D solid model drawings, and cavity / core split drawings to you specifications.