Precision Measurement

The ability to measure the geometry of a part or a complex structure is a key element of product development. Many parts and products are created from model formed by hand or machine as a concept or confirmation of design. At some point a record of the geometry of the part needs to be made to continue an effective development process. Utilizing precision measurement of the geometry for dimensional establishment or surface scanning to create digital surface shells, Source One can create a full 3D database on any part. Parts ranging from very small or extremely large can be handled in-house or at the customer’s site. Services such as reverse engineering with full CAD documentation for existing parts or assemblies and first article inspections, non-contact inspection, as well as 3D free hand surface scanning and cloud point digitizing are available. Our environmentally controlled precision inspection laboratory is equipped with state of the art computer enhanced measurement and inspection equipment capable of .0001” accuracy traceable to NIST standards.